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Marins International Ltd is an insurance and reinsurance broker licensed by the Bulgarian Financial Supervision Commission.

Our work is aimed at providing the best insurance and reinsurance solutions which meet and exceed our clients' expectations. Thanks to our experience and professional approach we are now recognised as a leading insurance broker in quality and exceptional customer care. We serve many satisfied clients - from small local companies and medium-sized enterprises to big multinationals on all insurance lines.

Our commitment is to provide extensive local expertise based on international knowledge and experience in insurance matters.



This is what we are. WHAT ABOUT YOU?

If you want to develop your business, to grow and expand

If you seek the best protection of your assets, profits and projects

If you value the health, life and creativity of your employees

If you need cost effective, tailor-made insurance solutions

If you demand a dedicated team working for you and knowing you

If you have any unresolved claims

Or if you require specific insurance solutions




We will  support you and provide you peace of mind while you are developing your business

We will design for you an insurance programme which reflects your individual needs, your priorities and preferences

We will assist you when selecting the proper decision to motivate and protect your employees

We will provide solutions at a reasonable cost that you are ready to pay for the protection you need

We will give you a dedicated client executive supported by a team of specialised brokers